Deltech engineering carry a wide range hardware product. One of our core products is Refractories/ heat insulating products.

This line consists of castables, fire clay, bricks, isowool fibre blanket and board, rockwool, calcium silicate board and mouldable refractories etc for build, repair or maintenance of furnaces, boilers, kilns and smelting pots up to temperature 1700 deg c.These products are widely used in the industries of petrol-chemical, palm oil mills, steel/ iron foundries, chemical/ material recycling plants and food processing etc. Most of the refractory products come along with specification sheets and we stock up most of the refractories products. We are now so far the only company in Johor Bahru to sell these refractory items in loose.

We also engage with a strong and experienced team for furnace or kiln jobs repair. Call us for if you need of furnace repair.

Below are representative Deltech Refractory products. Call us for more information about Heat Insulation.

Rapair jobs on F2


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