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Insulation Work

Burner's exhaust pipe insulation were worn and burned.
Opened up the old ceramic fire wool.
Then, we inspected the internal pipe condition.
We sealed the flanges with high temp silicone and add in more bolts and nuts.
Next, we wrapped the exhaust with Isowool ceramic fibre blanket 1260 50mm thick.
Lastly, wrap a 0.7mm thick aluminum cladding.
The exhasut now have good layer of protection.

Materials used,
1. Isowool Cermaic Fibre Blankets 50mm x 600mm x 3600mm 
    Grade: 1260 130kg/m3
2. 0.7mm x 51kg aluminum sheet
3. Pan head self drilling screws
4. Thin galvanized wire
5. High Temperature silicone sealant.


Furnace Repair Jobs

We not only focus in selling heat resisting products, we also have furnace interior repair service. Jobs are completed by a force of experienced technicians. 

1 unit of furnace used for steel material heat treament needed of repair.
We removed broken and chipped bricks.
Installed new bricks on both sides of furnace.
Installed the center pier blocks which used to let steel plates to lie on.
Installed isowool fibre blanket 1260.
Some areas have cracks on wall. We patched it up.
Layed a new cast on the front door area.

Materials used,
1. SK34 and SK38 firebricks.
2. Customer self prepared high alumina pier blocks.
3. Ekocast 1600 castable x 1 pallet.
4. Blakite 20kg/ pail x 20 pails for firebricks bonding.
5. Isowool ceramic fibre blanket

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